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Thread: Pregnant and terrified of morning sickness

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    Pregnant and terrified of morning sickness

    I found out this morning that I'm pregnant and I'm absolutely terrified of morning sickness.

    Although this wasn't planned specifically, my partner and I had seriously discussed it and agreed that we'd probably start trying within the next few months, and I know he'll be absolutely thrilled (it was me that wanted to wait a few months for other reasons to do with work etc.)

    I took the test and although I do want a baby, my overwhelming feeling was absolute terror of the potential nausea//throwing up. I'm only 4 weeks and don't think I have morning sickness yet (I feel awful but I'm totally sure that's anxiety as I tend to get nausea with anxiety and I know its maybe a bit early for morning sickness). The only thing that gets me through my anxiety nausea is telling myself its never made me throw up but I wont be able to do that anymore because I know I'll be thinking "yes but maybe this isn't anxiety nausea, maybe this is morning sickness and you'll end up throwing up so much you'll be hospitalised like Kate Middleton" The only thing stopping me completely losing the plot right now is telling myself its too early for morning sickness, and steadfastly ignoring the fact that I know some women feel sick earlier.

    I have a doctor's appointment later, if I explain this, do you think there is any chance they will pre-emptively give me nausea medication?? The stress can't be good for the baby and I'll be able to relax a lot more and be happy about the pregnancy if I have pills in my bag that I know I can take.

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    Re: Pregnant and terrified of morning sickness

    I know no one has replied to this but I thought I’d update in case anyone in the same situation looks at this in the future. I did explain my anxiety to the doctor, and my worry that my bad agoraphobia would come back and he has given me a prescription for some common morning sickness pills, after I explained that I thought I’d feel much better with them in my bag and available if necessary.

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    Re: Pregnant and terrified of morning sickness


    I was petrified too.
    When I was in my 20s, I terminated a pregnancy because of my phobia (and other reasons).

    When I fell pregnant in my 30s, I was again terrified.. and you know what? I had no morning sickness!

    My 2nd pregnancy; I felt sick all day but never v*.

    Hopefully you'll be similar!

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    Re: Pregnant and terrified of morning sickness

    Iím so sorry you didnít get replies to your first post, I would have definitely replied if Iíd see it, but I must have missed it.

    Great that your gp gave you some tablets! Have you taken any yet, or do you wait until you feel sick?

    I was terrified too, especially because I commutes to work on the train & I was terrified of being sick on the train.
    I never was, but I did get morning sickness for a few weeks. I think I was only actually sick 3 times. And I can only tell you that it wasnít nice to feel sick, but I felt a billion times better after.

    I carried a stash of rich tea & ginger biscuits everywhere, and nibbled on them every time I felt hungry or nauseous. Itís a weird thing to eat when you feel sick but morning sickness can be caused by hunger/thirst.
    I also nibbled the second I woke up - kept biscuits by the bed!
    I bought sea bands too, and wore them all the time! Also I carried a sick bag with me everywhere. (Never had to use it).

    I heard that one of the B vitamins is good for being sick.

    My phobia maybe wasnít as bad as yours, but I can only tell you that pregnancy really helped me get over it. No-one likes feeling or being sick, but my little toolkit of anti-sickness stuff really helped me.

    I hope you sail through the first tri!


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