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    coming off paxil onto effexor xr

    I'm on paxil 40 mg for Ha,GAD ,& depression ,i'm feeling good in my mind ,but i'm constipated & eating like a horse,gaining tons of weight,9lbs in a month!!!!!!!A ny others with same or simular probs?Hate to go thru this waiting to kick in again,etc...can already feel panic & stress in my neck,my 1st day with 1/2 dose ,haven't even started new yet,suppose to 1/2 dose paxil 1 week then 75 mgs of effexor xr .....Any feedback will be appreciated...thx


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    Hi Chris,

    Paxil is well known to pack on the pounds. Seems a common s/effect indeed.

    Sounds like you're being asked to reduce it quite quickly. so hope the transition does go well for you..


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