The other day while shaving my legs, I felt a sudden pain behind my knee. I thought I just pulled something, and so I didnít really think about it. Now, two days later, Iím in another city for a music festival (which requires a lot of walking / standing obviously) and the back of my knee is feeling some pressure. Itís not sharp or unbearable by any means, but it is freaking me out. Someone young (early 30s) that I know recently had DVT which turned into PE, and I canít stop thinking that maybe I should get this checked out. But Iím also not sure if itís like just strained. (Iím 24 y/o, female, pretty thin but frequently sedentary due to my job.) Itís not hot, thereís not swelling, and itís not red. Itís just kind of a dull pain. Iím just looking to see if thereís any kind words (or advice) about this. Should I get it checked out or no? Does it sound like something I should be concerned about?

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