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    Unhappy Driving lessons!!


    recently turned 18 year old girl here... so i have been taking driving lessons - today will be my 6th hour driving. the issue is i get so nervous and overwhelmed i cry and tear up feeling like a failure! i'm too cautious and hesitant on the road. i cry in front of my instructor so i feel so embarrassed! i'm probably the biggest cry baby student he has had, how weak and pathetic of me.

    i dread lessons! it's less of a phobia about the driving itself but more about the concept of lessons! sitting in a car doing something new which i muck up on with a guy i barely know secretly judging me... and yes i have diagnosed disorder - OCD. i am naturally nervous on top of that

    lesson in 3 hours really just can't stay calm!

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    Re: Driving lessons!!

    well I can't give you any advice but I can totally relate. I'm also taking lessons at 31 years old cos I've kept putting it off, I'm onto something like my 30th hour but I still dread them and feel like I'm never going to pass
    It's exactly like you say that it's not the driving it's the being judged. I felt like in my last lesson my instructor was getting frustrated with me and I've been ruminating ever since.
    I'm going to ask my therapist this afternoon about it so if she has any gems I'll get back to you!
    I hope when you read this you're feeling amazing after a fantastic lesson
    Best wishes

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    Maybe it is too late to say but anyway it is very hard but you should start to control yourself!Just forget about everything when you have a driving lesson. Just concentrate on the driving.

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    Re: Driving lessons!!

    For me, I was lucky that my dad is a great driver and taught me. However, I always dreaded the test situation, because it would not only be someone else, but someone critiquing my EVERY MOVE and marking me for it! I totally had a panic attack during my (3) tests (failed the first 2 for silly things, oops), definitely got the major clammy hands, shaky voice and nervous forgetfullness, but honestly, you just need to focus on the task at hand which is driving. Now I've had my license for over a year and thought I'd never get it! There is so much to think about and focus on, so do your best to let that be your focus. If you are struggling, try to have a constant check-list cycle happening in your head e.g. front mirror, side mirror, straight ahead, turning the head left and right when going through intersections etc so your mind is constantly preoccupied. The worst part for me was traffic lights because there was less to do, and that's when I really felt my heart racing and breathing going crazy. Best of luck!

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