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Thread: Microscopic blood in Urine and why you don't have bladder or ovarian cancer

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    Exclamation Microscopic blood in Urine and why you don't have bladder or ovarian cancer

    It seems like lots of people have this issue here, triggering horrible HA.

    I was one of those.

    So here is what I learned from some top experts in UCLA:

    At least 10% of all women show Microscopic blood in urine. It is not risk factor for ovarian or bladder cancer.

    I spent 4 months in panic about this. I had raised White blood in urine, and microscopic blood in urine. It was consistent...meaning not a one time finding...

    I was really worried of bladder cancer, but after long array of tests, I started to worry about ovarian cancer. I met the best experts in the country for both.
    1. Women under 50 non smokers with microscopic blood in urine have 0% chance of bladder or kidney cancer
    2. Ovarian cancer does not cause urine changes, and it is usually an abrupt onset of 2-3 weeks of bloating, and stomach growing like pregnant and very hard.
    3. Blood in urine is usually from small kindey stone trying to pass (16% of populaiton has that), kidney or UTi infections, or urethral syndrome (irritation of bladder that goes away in few months)

    Here is citation:

    How did you develop the Hematuria Risk Index (HRI)?

    Dr. Loo: The HRI is a simple translation of the multivariable model developed for common factors we evaluated in patients who were referred to urology and underwent full evaluation for AMH.
    The two factors with the highest odds ratios (age 50 or older and history of gross hematuria) were assigned four points each, and the remaining three factors (male gender, smoking history, and degree of microhematuria [more than 25 RBCs/HPF]) were each assigned one point.
    We used two independent groups of patients from different urologists and geographic regions to test the model. Natural breaks in the scores were identified, which broke the cohort into three risk groups: low risk (00.3%), moderate risk (1.12.5%), and high risk (10.711.6%).

    Have you made any adjustments to the HRI since the February 2013 publication of your study?

    Dr. Loo: The Hematuria Risk Index serves an illustrative purpose in depicting relative risk of common clinical parameters in patients with AMH. It needs to be validated further and likely may be further refined. Our data collection is ongoing and we hope to report additional findings in the coming year.
    We [at Kaiser Permanente] have, however, revised our own clinical recommendations to reduce radiation exposure to our low-risk patients with AMH. And patients with almost no risk of any urinary malignancy (asymptomatic nonsmoking women younger than age 50) are spared workup altogether. For any other patient with AMH who is age 35 or older, we recommend cytoscopy and renal ultrasound. Patients with gross hematuria are recommended cytoscopy and CT scan.

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    Re: Microscopic blood in Urine and why you don't have bladder or ovarian cancer

    Brilliant post: I think it should be a sticky!

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    Re: Microscopic blood in Urine and why you don't have bladder or ovarian cancer

    I don't know how to make it sticky. Maybe the amdin? So many people worry about this

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