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Thread: 4 months lexapro update

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    4 months lexapro update

    So Iím four months in, and my lexapro journey is going okay
    Not super duper awesome but just at a normal level

    My life is slowly getting back on track I am able to go into shops, the gym and most importantly I finally was able to start football refereeing which I wanted to do for a couple of years but couldnít because of my over thinking excessively brain

    There are days where I am up and down but if Iím honest my anxiety is that of a person who doesnít have anxiety

    I really hope people reading this sticks at their lexapro plan for a bit and give it some time it does take time to work. And before you know it you will be enjoying life again like I am

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    Re: 4 months lexapro update

    It sounds like you are doing really well :-)! Thanks for the update. It helps to know how people are doing several months in.

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