I thought creating a post for this topic would be helpful not just for me, but for every other mum out there going through this hell. I will post my story and two others who are suffering the same thing. Something has happened tgeir child and it brought on health anxiety. Please feel free to share any experiences

1.)Hi, I just need some help I feel so alone.. I have been diagnosed with ptsd since the tragic accident my little girl, but in the last few month Iíve been told I have severe health anxiety that links with the ptsd and the tragic accident I witnessed. So Iíve been to hospital numerous of times for heart attack, brain tumour, brain anurysm. You name it Iíve got it. Iíve had break downs at the doctors I canít sleep because Iím scared Iím going to die in my sleep.. I feel sick all day long, I check my pulse every other minute, I darent cough too hard just in case I have a brain anuyrism. Every little pain I get I convince my self this is it Iím dying. Is this all part of anxiety? And the ptsd? Itís awful Iím so drained.

2.) My healthy anxiety also started when i witnessed my son have a feberal convulsion. Its been nearly a year and i have been stuck in this horrible cycle. Like you i constantly think im going to have a heart attack or a brain tumour. I use to run to A&E probably 3 times a week to reassure myself by having an ECG.
I could have a simple cold and i will think its sepsis or the start of menagitits. Its awful and i very lonely place to be in. I try to explain to people, can you imagine waking everyday to the thought your going to die. No one understands and tells me to calm down. Its not that easy as you know. I have extreme health anxiety, GAD, panic disorder and OCD. Life is challenging. But we are not alone ❤❤

3.) My daughter 3 year old had a fertable cunvulsion also 4 weeks ago. That's when all of my insanity started. I was fine for the first week. And when she was in hospital over night. I sat there fine then tears started flooding down. My partner looked at me and said hold up why are you crying, she's okay. And I said I know I know. But I couldn't stop. I'd hold it together for a while then cry again when no one was around or looking. "The doctors exact words were, did it look like she was dying" and it did. Thats what i thought was happening. >. < i sat up the whole night watching the monitor in fear anything was going to happen. Then the next morning they discharged her. I didn't feel ready to leave the hospital yet I was still really afraid and worried. When she came home I sat up checking on her constantly. I austen her room temperature every hour making sure it was at a normal temp. Then a week or so later I was hit with these health anxiety problems. I'm convinced I've a tumor or am about to take an anurisim. It's so scary every night I fear going to sleep. Every day I'm like a zombie with no emotions or smile.i always think somethings about to happen me. And today while walking home with my daughter it started lashing and I had to carry her in the rain up home. But I noticed myself panicing about her temperature and afraid she was going to take another one. When I got home I went up stairs and again burst into tears. And Google. "Am I going insane" I feel like I am sad