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Thread: Valium and MRI

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    Valium and MRI


    Back in March, I went to the emergency room and had to undergo an MRI on my head. I have developed terrible anxiety, and they administered me two separate doses of ativan intravenously (the initial dose wasn't enough after I learned I would have to wear a helmet over my head in addition to the enclosed space). After these two doses, I didn't care about anything--I finally understood what 'high' really meant.

    Anyway, I cannot recall how much they gave me, but I had to get an MRI last week on the same area with the same and my GP prescribed 2mg lorazepam tabs. I took two an hour before and was not calm enough to have the exam.

    Now he has prescribed me 5mg diazepam tablets. I took a 5mg tablet last night. I did not feel carefree, just drowsy. I do not think it will help me for the MRI.

    Obviously, my body does react euphorically to the BZDs since they worked in hospital. Should I take 10mg? or more?

    Thank you

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    Re: Valium and MRI

    Diaz is not as powerful as loraz. You would need a higher dose than 2mg - maybe 5mg - but you should consult your GP about this first. You don't want to take 5mg or 10mg and feel too sedated for procedure.

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    Re: Valium and MRI

    So you took 2x2mg lorazepam? So 4mg lorazepam? That equals roughly 40mg diaZepam if so? 1mg lorazepam = between 7.5mg Diaz and 15mg Diaz depending on chemical make ups etc.... lorazepam works more on physiological anxiety than psychical and Diaz works more on physical anxiety than psychological...

    I have tried many benzoís and got scripts for them all. I would say lorazepam works best for anxiety than any other benzo including klonopin and Xanax.... but YMMV with any of them.

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