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Thread: Lexapro for Agoraphobia

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    Lexapro for Agoraphobia


    I have been on Lexapro for about 25 days now. I began small at 0.25mg and have gotten to 10mg this past 5 days. I also take Xanax daily to help with the side effects.

    My question is... Have any of you had any success with Lexapro? Any effects on your Agoraphobia? I am very hopeful as I have not had too bad of side effects from this medication. I am taking that as a good sign.

    Today I did go to the store which is a HUGE deal for me. But I am unsure if that's the Lexapro or Xanax or a combo of both. Any advice would be very welcome!

    I want my life back.

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    Re: Lexapro for Agoraphobia

    Well done for going into a shop that’s a really big deal
    I was on Escitalopram (I’m in UK) for 13 years, stooped back in Feb as felt fab but big mistake as come April/May and bang.....anxiety just hit me really bad to the point I even struggled to do the school run.
    I was so scared about going back on Escitalopram due to possible side effects so like you started really small....I cut my 5mg into 4 then even chipped away at that quarter so that’s what I’ve been doing since June, though last Friday I did manage to take a whole quarter and have been doing so since. I know I should go up to 2.5mg from tonight.
    Sorry that was a bit of a long winded essay lol.
    Anyhow when I took Escitalopram previously it helped me immensely to the point I was able to live a real normal life and do normal things like go to the shops out for meals days out etc etc. I can’t wait to feel this feeling again! Though I do feel like I have progressed slightly. At what mg did you start to notice feeling slightly better?

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    Re: Lexapro for Agoraphobia

    Hello! Thanks for your reply!! So far, I seem to have noticed an effect at 10mg. It took me awhile to get to the 10mg but now that I am here I think it is having a positive effect! I hope that it kicks in soon for you!!

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    Re: Lexapro for Agoraphobia

    That’s brilliant great to hear

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