Hello (17 years old)
Next Friday Iím scheduled for an colonoscopy and endoscopy. A few weeks ago I started having blood in my stool and cramps on my right side under the ribs and so I got really scared and my mom took me the hospital. I also went from having to go poo 3 times a day now only once in the mornings.

At the hospital they did a ct scan and blood tests. The ct scan showed inflammation and the blood tests were fine. They gave me pills and my mom put me on a chicken noodle soup diet for a couple weeks. The blood went away after a couple days and the cramps stayed for about a week after that. Its all gone now except for me only being able to go once a day

We then saw a gastroenterologist who said we should a colonoscopy and endoscopy to see if I have crohns or UC, which scared me so bad because I wasnít even thinking about that.

Iím also scared that I have celiac now. Iíve been getting these rashes on my forearms that keep coming back and Iíve been feeling very tired lately. Iím scared of celiac because I love bread, Iím German and I have bread basically every day, itís my favorite food.

For the colonoscopy and endoscopy also skin biopsies Iím most scared about the prep and not being able to eat for a whole day, and the anesthesia. Iím worried that itís going to be the worst case scenario and I am going to have crohns and celiac.

I know Iím thinking worst case scenario and would really like to have some input from anyone as Iíve said many times in this post, Iím getting very frightened and nervous.