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Thread: I want to go out but physical symptoms stopping me

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    I want to go out but physical symptoms stopping me

    Currently no "mental" anxiety or depression (a lot of it in the past though).

    However, acute issue (3 months ago) of palps, hyperventilation, heavy head/drowsiness/dragged down -- all 24x7, so plenty of somatic symptoms weighing down on me. I am NOT fatigued though.

    Essentially homebound except doctor visits. One Inderal 2x10mg and Lexapro 20mg to try and help these symptoms, no help yet.

    Doing nothing other than video gaming and sitting on my laptop. Realistically this has been going on for over a year. Managed a semester part time at college, but nothing else.

    The problem is I WANT to go out and do things, but when I do the minute I get home I am drowsy and the longer I am out the worse it is.

    Is the agoraphobia? I mean I am not scared to leave the house, I want to, but the physical symptoms are debilitating.

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    Re: I want to go out but physical symptoms stopping me

    I'm in a similar situation. I've suffered with agoraphobia pretty much my whole life. I've been trying to overcome it but my physical health is holding me back. I have only in the last year and a half really started trying to go out but its physically exhausting. I have chronic fatigue and epilepsy so as soon as I go anywhere I just trigger seizures and and need to sleep for ages. Its two separate problems, the physical and the mental and they both seam to feed of one and other.

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    Re: I want to go out but physical symptoms stopping me

    If you keep doing it though things will improve.

    You don't have to go far - just a walk down the road and back. Small steps.

    If you want to go out then you can do it - just takes time.

    Each day go a bit further. It will soon be much easier.

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    Re: I want to go out but physical symptoms stopping me

    Same situation as me. Mine has been going on years, but the past 2 I've been mostly housebound. I game, exercise, and write code. I feel like I'm just wasting away.

    Thing is, I do keep doing it and it's not getting better. Some days I can manage to walk the dogs, other days I physically can't. Some days I'll feel completely normal and can do a 5 mile walk. My last walk was 12 miles.

    It's really not easy, especially when you don't know what the fear actually is. I used to know what my fears were, but my anxiety got much much better and those fears are no longer the fears why I don't go outside.

    By now I should have solved my problem. It's been 2 years of constant trying. I've left the house maybe 100 times in 2 years.
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