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Thread: Sore Nipple

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    Sore Nipple

    I really thought I was doing better.

    I noticed yesterday that my left nipple was sore to the touch. The right one was slightly tender but not like the left where if I touched it there was a jolt of pain.

    used the tools and skills I've been learning in counseling to walk myself through it. Maybe I bumped it? Maybe its because I wasnt wearing a bra while deep cleaning the house and there was chafing. Maybe it was too much stimulation. I thought had calmed myself down.

    Then I foolishly decided thay, since I've been doing my counseling and feeling good lately that I could google without getting into a panic. Stupid stupid stupid.

    So now I think I have breast cancer. I know they say BC doesnt cause pain usually but in my google frenzy I came across all these posts talking about IBC and Pagets and now I can feel that I am on the verge of spiraling into a panic attack.

    In my head I feel like I'm on borrowed time, like I have something wrong with me and am going to die. I have two kids, a husband, and I'm not even 30 yet.

    I looked at theboffending nipple and it looks slightly more red than the other side, maybe a little bruised if I start poking and prodding at it (which I've done).

    I've had pain similar to this before and the fact I have and am still here should reassure me...but I saw an article that said there is a type of BC that presents as a rash/nipple pain that seems to go away before reappearing again.

    I'm trying not to spiral into this one. My doctor is on holidays do I can't make an appointment with her.

    Anyone experience anything similar??

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    Re: Sore Nipple

    I probably have had it at some time but it went away & I forgot about it. How long has it been sore?
    Sometimes my breasts are randomly sore for a day or two. Theyíre very tender really arenít they, so Iím sure you just hurt it somehow and itíll be better soon.

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    Re: Sore Nipple

    I only noticed it yesterday and then today. So not long
    But I can't seem to stop googling and am doing a good job of convincing myself something is seriously wrong

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    Re: Sore Nipple

    Hey Claire, did you ever find out what this was? Going through exactly the same thing right now x

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