Hello! So I didn't think I'd be posting on here so soon after making my account, but here I am. I've been having some chest pains for the past few days and went to the doctor today. They did an EKG and it came back abnormal, and I'm just beside myself. I told my doctor that I haven't had many family members (that I know of, at least?) suffer from heart problems, aside from my dad who is pretty old and a little overweight. She checked my legs and they weren't swollen, and she listened to my heart and didn't say anything specific, but she did say that she thinks the EKG might have been a fluke simply because I'm so skinny. Now, I am very skinny. My weight has recently tanked since I've been stressing over these chest pains, and naturally my BMI does put me at severely thin.

I feel like I should mention I don't have an eating disorder. I talked to my doctor all about this, about how putting on weight feels impossible, and my stressing over trying to gain more weight has started mimicking signs of an eating disorder more so than anything else. She's changed my medication (what I was on before could cause a lack of appetite) and plans to refer me to a nutritionist. She mentioned right after the EKG that being too thin can cause heart problems, but since checking me out and talking to me, she's said that she thinks it's likely that the EKG misread my heart as enlarged simply because there wasn't as much tissue and stuff in between as it might have expected. She seemed to think this was pretty likely, which makes me think maybe nothing seemed too concerning when she looked me over. Although she still sent a chest x-ray to a cardiologist to examine, and I have to wait to hear from them... I'm horrified, to be honest. My sister, who goes to the same doctor, told me that she's had two abnormal EKGs that turned out to be flukes, so it is likely. Do you think that might be the case? I know being underweight can cause some heart problems, but is an enlarged heart very likely to be one of them? My weight didn't dip quite as low as it is until after I started getting chest pains, but I was still riding the line between an underweight BMI and a severely underweight BMI, so it's not like I was super normal before. But I just don't remember there being any sudden change in my weight until after the chest pain started, and even then I wouldn't say it was directly related.

I just desperately need them to call me and tell me it was a fluke and whatever my problem is is something more easily manageable. Am I freaking out too much? Should I be more confident in my doctor to call these things? I'm really scared. Sorry if I rambled too much I'm super stressed and can't really focus on being concise.