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Thread: Citalopram/Beta Blockers

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    Citalopram/Beta Blockers

    Hi everyone
    End of day 14 on 20mg of Cit. Have to remind myself that all the side effects are to be expected....still hard to deal tho.

    Anyways just wondering if anyone found that 80mg of slow release Propranolol was of benefit in those early days of adjustment to Citalopram. My GP has prescribed these B Blockers as a kind of 'crutch' I suppose.

    As always, advice is welcome and appreciated.

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    Re: Citalopram/Beta Blockers

    Hi waterfall,
    After 1 week on fluoxetine (prozac) with all the horrible side effects my doctor put me on propranalol, it did work very well for me in the short term, i was on them for about 4 weeks until the side effects subsided, now i feel fine.
    Hope this helped you, and good luck.

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    Re: Citalopram/Beta Blockers

    Many thanks Otterman! Really appreciate your reply

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    Re: Citalopram/Beta Blockers

    Hi I'm on week 4 of citalopram & been getting horrendous pounding heart & palpitations a few hours after taking. My GP has just prescribed me propanolol to try to settle it, so I'd be interested to see how you're finding it x
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    Re: Citalopram/Beta Blockers

    I'm on Ven and was getting palps/racing heart. I now take 40mg Prop twice daily and it has helped greatly. It also has very few side effects.

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    Re: Citalopram/Beta Blockers

    I have recently started 80mg slow release propanolol and have to say i have had no noticeable side effects.

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