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Thread: Pregabalin and Sertraline?

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    Pregabalin and Sertraline?

    I am on 150mg Zoloft. It's helped me a lot but I still have GAD symptoms. I've tried Buspar but it doesn't seem to work so I'm thinking of asking my Pdoc about pregabalin. I also have restless legs and I hear it can help with that, too.

    Any experiences?

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    Re: Pregabalin and Sertraline?

    Hi I have GAD (amongst other things). SSRIís have never worked for my GAD. After a long battle to get pregabalin prescribed, I have been on the medication for a year. I take 450mg per day.
    I can tell you pregabalin, for me, is amazing for my GAD! It completely gets rid of the background anxiety and lets me live an almost normal life, without spiralling into debilitating anxiety. It doesnít completely get rid of anxiety, as you have Ďnormalí anxiety about things still if that makes sense? Iíve had a lifetime of anxious thoughts and pregabalin helps me question those thoughts, and respond normally.
    The only side effects Iíve had are a slight metallic mouth, slight leg/finger swelling and reduced libido 🙈. They are well worth it for the benefits I get and are very minor anyway.
    I have no plans if ever coming off this medication it has been life changing for me.

    Hope this helps xx

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    Re: Pregabalin and Sertraline?

    I have recently been going through a lot of issues with various meds, Fluoxetine, Quetiapine, both were making me sick, causing confusion in my thinking and other issues, So after some talks with my GP I was put back onto Sertraline ( I had been on this when first diagnosed as being depressed, and had my first suicide attempt so I was aware of that side effect) and I was put onto Pregabalin as well. For the first few weeks things were a bit rough, I had some very dark thoughts and was also feeling sick all the time with a lot of headaches. It got to a point last week I started to take some Paracetamol for the headaches, by the end of 5 days I had taken 130 500mg tablets along with a couple of bottles of wine. I had gone to my GP and was told to go straight to A&E. I was checked in to hospital and spend the next few days being given the antidote to paracetamol. During this time I had one of the worst headaches I have ever known. I was told that I was lucky that I did not do any major damage to my liver.
    The doctors think that my headaches and sickness are being caused by the pregabalin and are now in the process of taking me off it.

    I know that for some people that Pregabalin is amazing and that they can live with the side effects but based on my own experience I can't cope with the side effects.
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