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Thread: Weight Loss with Citalopram

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    Weight Loss with Citalopram

    Hello All. I am new to this forum. I have on 10mg of Celexa for two weeks and have lost about 8 pounds. It feels like I can't eat and my anxiety is off the charts. I have extremely bad HA and was wondering if anyone else has had these side effects? Thank you.

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    Re: Weight Loss with Citalopram

    Two weeks is super early, you're still in that horrible phase where you're still anxious but the meds are also making you a bit nauseous & lack of appetite. It's very normal, and it will definitely pass as your anxiety improves x
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    Re: Weight Loss with Citalopram

    All of these side effects are due to the fact that you just started your Celexa course. They should disappear after a while.

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    Re: Weight Loss with Citalopram

    Hi. I'm on week 3 and I've also lost around 8 pounds. I'm having to force myself to eat most of the time, which is really not like me

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