Hi, thank you so much for taking the time to read my first post! Iím looking for anything with experience in the medical field or anything that has had experience with Lymphoma. First off, Iím a 19 y/o male about to turn 20. I am overweight, around 315 or so and 5í9. (I donít own a scale). A little over 2 months ago I found that I have a small lump on the left side of my neck. Behind and below my ear but not on the backside of the neck. (Cervical area maybe?) anyways, i suspect the lump to be a lymph node, itís close to half an inch or small, around the size of a pea or slightly bigger. It is under the skin, firm and does not move. It hasnít grown that I know of. Some days it might feel slightly bigger to me and some days smaller but that might just be in my head. When I found it, I stupidly started asking Dr. Google for answers and came across a gold mine of possible lymphoma signs and symptoms. I never felt anything out of the ordinary at first, but recently I have felt terrible. I do in fact have a very bad gut. Iíve had severe bouts with stomach bugs and other gut related things. I have beliefs that I might have IBS but itís not diagnosed. Anyway, recently I have felt very fatigued. Even on days I do not have work, fatigue seems to hit me like a freight train at the end of the day around 8-9pm or so. I have also had flu like feelings on and off for a couple weeks. (Fever-ish, achy body, super tired, general feeling of sickness) accompanied by pretty bad nausea and slight stomach pain but no vomiting. (Could be a stomach problem?) even after those feelings somewhat subside, Iíve been feeling constantly feverish, taking my temp. Numerous times throughout the day (but never actually being above 99.5) also I have lately been feeling some left upper and middle side abdomen pain. No night sweats and no serve itches. Sometimes I canít tell if these symptoms are real indicators or just brought on by my anxiety of the situation. I understand that I ďshould go see a doctor if I think something is offĒ ďgo get it checked outĒ but I do not have the insurance nor money to make that an easy task. I also come from a family of ďjust wait and see how it goesĒ mindsets. Speaking of family, my paternal grandfather had and beat esophageal cancer (long time smoker) and paternal grandmother had and beat breast cancer. Other than that no cancer that I know of. Iím just looking for some wholesome advice from nobody with more experience and wisdom than me to make an observation if there are no red flags and anxiety to blame or if these exact symptoms could be telling a different story. I have been worrying myself sick about this and itís starting to drastically effect my quality of life. Why must these thought come at such a young age for me. I am at a stressful and fragile point with this health scare and feedback is very much appreciated. Also if anybody has an insurance advice for me, I would appreciate that as well. (Live in Texas, USA). Thank you so much!