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Thread: St. John's Wort - Anxiety and Depression?

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    St. John's Wort - Anxiety and Depression?

    My mother insists I drink St. John's Wort tea that it will help with my anxiety and depression. Is there any merit to this?

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    Re: St. John's Wort - Anxiety and Depression?

    i just answered something like this, ivenever tried it

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    Re: St. John's Wort - Anxiety and Depression?

    Herbal stuff never did a damn thing for me and I ended up taking bucketloads for sleep and depression as I never entertained the thought I would be a candidate for prescription drugs for a long time. I just try to eat healthy as I can manage and take my medications and it helps more than the herbal but it depends on how severe your problems are.
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    Re: St. John's Wort - Anxiety and Depression?

    St Johns Wort tablets are helpful to me personally, idk about tea

    Prescription meds messed my brain up even more
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