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Thread: Claire Weekes

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    Claire Weekes

    Her writing is the biggest waste of time ever, how does this drivel get published?

    Can anyone suggest anything else to help with anxiety/depression/panic?

    It is destroying my life.

    With warm and heartfelt thanks

    Bob Driscoll esq
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    Re: Claire Weekes

    Hi Bob and welcome.

    Loads on here swear by Claire Weekes. For myself, I was never impressed, never helped me at all. But, hey, we are all different

    Are you receiving any counselling or on any medication?

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    Re: Claire Weekes

    Hi there
    Can't stand her stuff either.
    Try The anxiety and phobia workbook by Edmond Bourne. It is a huge book and has lots of different approaches to try from holistic to medication. I have found this the most thorough book. Info on nutrition and relaxation and none of it is crackpot.

    You have to be committed to work through and improve with a book - have you seen someone to talk to face to face.

    I know how you feel though - my life has been ruined for two years so far with this and it's the symptoms that spoil everything.

    Good luck

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    Re: Claire Weekes


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    Re: Claire Weekes

    Oh Bob I'm a massive fan of Claire Weekes and have 2 of her books on my bedside table and they are my bibles lol.
    Take Care

    Mandy xx


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    Re: Claire Weekes

    For depression:

    'Climbing out of depression' by Sue Atkinson.

    Best book I have ever come across - easy to read, broken down into manageable chunks, full of practical advice and written by someone who suffers from anxiety and depression.

    It is quite 'spiritual' in places but that doesn't really matter as the whole book is excellent.

    Really, really, really recommend it......

    Claire Weekes really works for some people - Personally I didn't it that useful, but I always assumed that it was mainly because I suffer more from depression and my panic attacks are usually related to depressive states.

    If you're going through counselling, a really good book to help you (and your loved ones) understand is a book called 'Counselling for Toads' - it is a pastiche of Wind in the Willows and Toad is depressed. Again, it is nice and easy to read.

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    Re: Claire Weekes

    yep i agree she does talk a load of pants £25 quid of my money wasted i guess i just bought her petrol for the week lol,


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    Re: Claire Weekes

    I got to admit i adore claire weeks god bless her, and recommend her to all.

    She was a ex sufferer who tells it how it is plain and simple, her floating advise helped me recover, she talks about accepting which I belive is the only true way of dealing with your problems

    Sorry you guys didnt like her , but i feel i got to defend the girl.

    As another poster said her books became my bibles and was the first thing I packed when I went on me hols

    take care all xxxxxx
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    Re: Claire Weekes

    I think Claire Weekes was great. She was probably one of the first doctors to write such great self help books back in the 70's when other doctors just ignored the condition.

    I think people forget just how long her books have been around. Of course today's books are full of different advice but when I sit and listen to Claire Weekes and then to Lucinda Bassett it's quite clear to me that most of what the latter says had already been said by the brilliant Claire Weekes 30yrs before, bless her.

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    Re: Claire Weekes

    i have two of claire weekes books. i think they are great. they are also by my bedside. she does make alot of sense. her books have helped me greatley. i only wish she was still around to publish more books.

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