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Thread: Eating out phobia

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    Eating out phobia

    Hi, I posted some years ago on the same subject. I’ve improved slowly over the years, down to, I think, joining a golf club and becoming ‘obsessed ‘ (in a nice way) with golf. Meals and social events have become easier, thankfully. I’ve joined up with a group of ladies and we’ve had some short breaks, mostly I’ve been ok because we were playing golf and were only away for a few days. But ..... I’m going away tomorrow for 7 days with them and stressing big time!
    7 days seems a long time and I’m worried I’m going to be in a constant state of panic and not be able to eat anything for the entire 7 days.
    Its not a golf break but just a holiday abroad in a hotel. The meals are buffet style which should make it easier but I’m still fretting. I have my backup beta blockers, which I know work for me, so am resigning myself to the fact I may have to take them to get through the week. I travel tomorrow but don’t arrive til late evening, so first meal will be Sunday night.
    Any tips? I don’t panic when I’m away with my husband but don’t want to embarrass myself in front of my friends.

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    Re: Eating out phobia

    How did your trip go, Chrrb? I hope you pulled through. I've had issues with eating out as well, but not nearly as bad as you.

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    Re: Eating out phobia

    I was absolutely fine! Hotel was all inclusive buffet style and we sat round big tables to eat. Loved it.

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    Re: Eating out phobia

    Quote Originally Posted by chrrb View Post
    I was absolutely fine! Hotel was all inclusive buffet style and we sat round big tables to eat. Loved it.
    WELL DONE! I have the same issue with eating out, unless I totally trust someone I cannot eat in front of them!! You should feel great about yourself though, it's a real achievement.
    comparison is the thief of joy

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    Re: Eating out phobia

    To be honest - i'd be (and am) concerned with buffet food. It depends on the country and the culture. Just use a little caution - Just make sure you avoid anything that appears to have been sat there for a while (looks dry etc). Avoid food that doesn't need pincers, tongs etc to pick up. Oh and always pick from the back of the plate. Other than that you'll be fine i've eaten in some weird places and i'm still here

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