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Thread: Purple veins on chest

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    Hi all,
    Started itching about a month and half ago. Well feeling itchy I never actually itch only occasionally like before. It all started when I saw a black mark under my skin on the end of my nose like 6 months ago I googled and was worried about skin c and low and behold the end of my nose starting feeling itchy. Then a month half ago I got my hair cut and you know how you feel itchy after? It just didnít stop. Itís a weird under the skin kind of itch can be somewhere for 1 second then somewhere else completely for the next 5 seconds etc... sometimes it feels like I walked through a cobweb. Other times it feel like I can just really feel my clothes against my skin. Other times Iíve felt areas of skin go warm.

    Now I do have benign fasciulation syndrome too, which damn nearly drove me to anxiety meltdown a year or two ago and itchiness can be apart of that.. So anyway a couple weeks after I started feeling itchy becoming increasing worried by it.. I went out with a mate and drank alot of alcohol. Woke up feeling crap as you do and I always feel even more anxious when Iím hungover so I was checking over all my skin because I noticed my neck was all red. Then I noticed I had a bright red dot on the side of my hand very small.. then I noticed I had 2 others on my stomach very very bright red itís been a month none of these have changed at all so I think these are anigomas. Itís possible they have been there for a long time I never really used to check my skin. I freaked out thought I was dying from leukimia and was just a mess for 2 weeks. I was so scared I didnít check my skin anymore. Then one day I did check my legs and feet and low and behold dots !! 20-30 on both all near my toes I think these are peterchia so I shit myself booked gp appointment pronto and showed the dr and about the itching. I confessed for the first time Iím also a massive hypochondriac and was really deathly scared. She said it was nothing alarming but booked me in for a blood test for my peace of mind and gave me leaflets on anxiety.. anyway 3 grilling days later I rang the drs and they said all my blood tests came back normal. Fbc liver tests etc.

    You would think this would give me peace of mind. It didnít and it doesnít itís been a week since I had my results and Iím still crapping myself! I wear socks to bed because I canít bare look at my feet- they are still there seem to be worse some days and better on others. I do work 10 hour shifts standing up but I just donít know if that has anything to do with it. My itching subsided some days but is worse on others especially if Iím thinking about it. Iím physically fine apart from this havenít been ill once no bruises blood stops quickly still as I know from injuries... I ride my bike allot and smash myself up but I still never really bruise.. energy levels at normal just feel a bit down because of this and exercise fine... Iíve put weight on if anything from comfort eating.

    Iím now obsessed with my skin! Any marks or discolouration and Iíve noticed Iíve got a lot of spider veins below my eyes top of nose but I think Iíve always had a bit of that since I was 18!

    The itching I can deal with itís the petechia on my feet thatís telling me Iím dying !!

    Can anyone relate?

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    Re: Petechia/itching

    Are you fair skinned?
    My son is very fair and the slightest itch will leave petichae (sp?) He's been checked and it is completely normal. If it was something to worry about it would look awful. Nothing like what you are describing.

    I get itchy, then focus on it and prolong it. As long as I keep myself busy, it goes away. Easier said than done I know. If you have normal blood results please please try not to worry. I made myself seriously ill through excessive worry which triggered Diverticulitis and put me in hospital at 32 years of age. Worry will damage your health. Take care xx

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    Re: Petechia/itching

    Yes I’m fair skinned, no mine is not big rashes just the ones on my feet worry me a bit because there’s a fair few little dots. Not rash like just dot like.. the other ones on my body must be cherry anigomas because they have been on me for a month and haven’t changed at all.
    Yes I think a big part of my itchiness is me actually being overly sensitive of my skin.. Oh my god does anxiety actually make you ill? I’ve had this since I was like 12 now I’m 26

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    Re: Petechia/itching

    Personally, I believe worry, can make you physically ill.

    My mum is a worrier and is a firm believer too.

    At the time I'd spent months thinking I had a brain tumour, which triggered the diverticulitis. Stress is a trigger.

    At the mo the sides of my neck and scalp around back of neck is itchy. Most of the time when I'm sat not doing anything. When I'm busy I don't notice it half as much. Maybe it's something to do with my scalp?? No dots that I could see. But it brings up the whole lymphoma thing. But I'm pretty sure that would be relentless and certainly not go when I'm at work!

    I had blood done about 8 weeks ago which were all fine so I'm sure something would have popped up on there.

    Please try and let the worry go. It makes me sad you've suffered with this since you were 12.
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    Think I have Leukimia

    Started at the end of July when I got itchy all over more like a walked into a cobweb in one part of body then moved elsewhere. Not mega itchy but annoying. This has half way through August I noticed tiny red dots on my feet some are red some are brown not massive mounts maybe 20- 30 on each foot. Hasnít really got any worse but hasnít got any better freaked out out and went to dr has blood tests they said everything normal but I was still worried. Today Iíve been googling more and checked under my eyelid and it was a fair bit white like half was red half was whiteish which has now got me freaked out again thinking itís related. Iím certainly not tired or weak or breathless but Iím really scared itís jusy beginning for me 😔 booked in to see a gp on Saturday again to see what they think and Iím booked in for a dermatologist in October which feels along time away. Havenít really been itchy this week but more worried regardless

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    Re: Think I have Leukimia

    It really isn't leukemia and you have been checked out by doctor so try and focus on that instead of thinking the worse.

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    Re: Think I have Leukimia


    This is just a courtesy reply to let you know that your thread was merged with another of your threads.

    Please when posting on similar topics add it onto your previous post rather than starting a new one.

    It is nothing personal it is just to make it easier for people to follow your story and to give you advice as a whole.

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    Re: Think I have Leukimia

    Well it seems to be getting worse. The petichiae is still over my feet and now I’m finding more and more over my legs and random other places too. I have a bruise on my leg which is very worrying. I’ve been super paranoid about my inner eyelids being a bit white. I seem to have more spider veins on me and there’s now one on my chest. My eyes are constantly bloodshot. Had a normal blood test 3 weeks ago but I just feel it was too soon to pick stuff up. Felt like going crazy today very close to going to a and e. I’m going to ring gp tomorrow and plead for an appointment to get my bloods taken again. Very scared

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    Re: Think I have Leukimia

    Your blood tests came back normal,I can,in my opinion tell, YOU do not have Leukaemia.

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    Re: Think I have Leukimia

    To have so many "symptoms" you would be at a stage where something would have shown up in blood work. These things show up by surprise in routine blood tests before people are even showing symptoms, so if had got to a stage where you had all-over symptoms it would not be missed. Leukaemia is not an obscure disease, it will be on all GPs' radars, and alarm bells would ring if you were genuinely showing signs. Your blood tests show you don't have leukaemia.

    What you have been doing is overanalysing your body with an anxious mind and spotting normal blemishes and imperfections you haven't noticed before. Itching is something that gets worse the more you think about it. If I type the word 'headlice', most people reading this sentence will now be itching.

    Googling symptoms is the enemy of anxious people. It is the worst thing you can do. For example how would you possibly know what the insides of your eyelids look like normally for you, before you start manhandling them to have a look?

    A doctor will not repeat a clear blood test just because you demand it. Instead of doing that it would be far more productive to ask to see someone about the anxiety, because this is the real illness you have. Good luck.

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