Hi Guys

Been having a few issues and my old thought process is rearing itís ugly head

Iíve had HA for the best part of 10 years now and Iíve been doing ok for a while but Iím in the midst of a flare up and getting worried

Iíve been having problems with my ears after seeing the doc she said they were cake day up with wax and needed to be syringed I had that done on 30th Aug and they were pretty bad according to the nurse

I had been getting dizzy especially when bending over and the doc said it was my balance being out due to the wax the trouble is I am still getting dizzy even after them being syringed sometimes when I have been bending over it feels like I will pass out it only lasts a few seconds then passes

Because I have been anxious again my IBS has kicked off and my mind is now trying to convince me again that it isnít IBS and I really have something secret and serious going on I know nothing about

I am suffering with head pressure quite a lot which makes my jaw tense and that convinced me a heart attack is imminent

Please help me