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Thread: Yvonne uk 98 sad news

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    Re: Yvonne uk 98 sad news

    By far the most important and significant thread on NMP today. Let's hope it gets the acknowledgement it deserves...

    RIP Yvonne xx

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    Re: Yvonne uk 98 sad news

    God bless you Yvonne. Your online family will never forget you.
    Take my hand, we'll make it I swear....
    Livin' On A Prayer...Bon Jovi

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    Re: Yvonne uk 98 sad news

    I've just come back after a while away, and I was hoping to see some familiar names, Yvonne being one of them, greatly missed by so many x

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    Re: Yvonne uk 98 sad news

    Not here very often anymore but found myself thinking about Yvonne. Miss you, Yvonne.

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