HA sufferer for nearly 2 years, only just started visiting a doctor about it around a month ago. Have been diagnosed with a Generalised Anxiety Disorder.

4 weeks ago i found something on my neck which made my anxiety worse than usual so decided it's time to consult doctors, something I've always been afraid of.

Got to an ENT clinic to check my neck lump but was no cause for concern. However, during the 3 weeks i had to wait on the appointment, i was laid up in bed 95% of the day everyday.

Now whenever i try and break the habit and go and sit in the living room, after 10 - 20 minutes i just start to feel week, dizzy and tired, like a big urge to get back into bed. I also get periods throughtout the day where i feel really hot, my neck, arms, chest etc, sweaty palms.

Has been making me panic quite a bit in case it is something wrong with my blood pressure or circulation. Talked to my doctor about it recently and she doesn't seem concerned, tells me that it's the anxiety and your body just getting used to being upright again after weeks in bed.

Note: I got a full blood test last week, doctor called it an "M.O.T" blood test, which im sure means checking everything. Was around 15 - 20 different things in the results that came back and were all normal.

Just trying my best to tell myself it is just anxiety and my body readjusting to "out of bed" state but it's hard.

Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this or has any advice, thank you.