My health anxiety started back in June with a mouth issue. This lead me down a path where I was constantly looking in my throat and this lead me to google as I found blotches on the back of my throat.

As you know it eventually lead me to the thought "This is cancer." I began obsessing over my mouth and throat and began experiencing symptoms such as difficulty swallowing, dryness, cobblestone, etc.

I went to my regular doctor who said everything looks normal she doesn't see anything. Then I followed up because of the cyst on my lip with a ENT who said it was fine and removed it. He then scoped my throat in July which was all normal.

I was still experiencing symptoms however. So I went back to my regular doctor this week (September). This lead me to speak with her about HA. She informed me that the last option would be a CT scan. I agreed and the CT scan came back clear.

I now have the option and ability to deal with the actual "Anxiety" part. As all medical issues were basically ruled out. So I want to find ways to cope with HA before other issues arise that bring me concern.

Regardless, I feel relieved and realize now that whenever a medical issue arises. Most likely it's 99.9% (NOTHING SERIOUS) OR .1% (SERIOUS).