I've posted on here before re my problems with jsa, but will write a brief intro -
I'm a single parent, i've suffered with depression ever since i can remember and have had IBS and panic attacks for the past 10 years.
My last job was 3 years ago and didnt last long due to childcare issues. I only have 3 family member, who also suffer with a lot of the conditions i do ( my mother has bi polar, Dad has alzheimers), i have no support with my child, theres no one who can look after him for me and his dad is a drop out living in a hostel... I am the only person in my small family who at the moment has a car, so when anyone needs anything i'm expected to drop everything and take them shopping, to appointments, to the vets, go and pick up their prescriptions etc which means leaving my child on their own at home - although he is old enough to be left for a couple of hours, i do not like doing this.
I feel under an enormous amount of stress at the moment and my IBS has flared up and i've not been sleeping at all.
I have used my extended period of sickness from jsa and as far as i am aware, the two periods of short term sickness.
I applied for esa last year and got no points despite having the conditions i mentioned above. I know people who have less wrong with them who have been claiming it for years.
Anyway, I was due to sign on yesterday. I havent done any job search at all as my days mostly consist of sleeping whilst my son is at school as i cannot sleep on a night. I fall asleep easily enough and then wake up after a couple of hours and then thats it. When ive had no sleep and have to go out and do something, my anxiety gets worse. This is why i was worried about my job centre appointment, i'd had no sleep at all the night before so i phoned them and said i had a family emergency and could i go in the next day. Its now the next day, and suprisingly the same thing has happened - no sleep, not appplied for any jobs. I just dont know what to do.
Being sat in an appointment with somebody brings on my anxiety and i just want to leave but knowing i can't just makes it worse.
I'm so stressed out that im seriously considering signing off and just living on child benefit/tax credits until i can sort myself out. My only worry about this is housing benefit. I know you can still claim it w/o being on jsa as its dependant on income but when they ask for bank statements they would see that ive recently had a lot of blow outs with online slots ( another problem), so i'm not sure how that would go.
Im up to get my son ready for school now and then need to decide what to do, i'm not sure if i could just turn up to the job centre on monday? i think you get 5 days after missing an appointment, to go in.
Does anyone have any advice please? my mam keeps saying i should try again for esa but the new rules say you cant apply again if youve already been turned down, unless its a new problem or things have gotten worse. I thought my issues were enough the first time without them having to get worse :(