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Thread: 54 year old, BiPolar II looking for eMail pal /w/ BiPolar II or GAD

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    54 year old, BiPolar II looking for eMail pal /w/ BiPolar II or GAD

    Ive been reading a lot of self help books lately and Im finding that however many tools I utilise I find that I'm finding it hard to get the residual benefit in my life

    Talking Therapy

    I wonder if havig an eMail pal to talk to, we could encourage each other as we navigate the conditions we face

    Im currently in the middle of a BiPolar episode, mania and now low mood, heightened anxiety daily
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    Re: 54 year old, BiPolar II looking for eMail pal /w/ BiPolar II or GAD

    Hello mezzaninedoor,

    I am Lin and I am 45 years old and have been diagnosed in the past mainly suffering from Panic Disorder, but in turn that has brought on other issues and mental health issues for example, OCD, GAD and Depression in the past.

    I like to think after all the years I have suffered from this that I have a clearer understanding and outlook on it all and if I ever could help someone just by being a listening ear or someone to email or talk to then like to think I am empathetic and understanding.

    Please feel free to message me only if you want to.

    Best wishes Lin. X

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