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Thread: Trapped feeling of Permanence?

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    Trapped feeling of Permanence?

    Can anyone else relate to this trapped feeling which won't go away? I've been feeling like everything is foreign and overwhelming for the past couple of months.

    I'm constantly thinking and obsessing over the fact that I don't feel right in the head. I've convinced myself that I have bipolar/schizophrenia/psychosis. This is seeming to be 24/7 for me but the doctor tells me it's "just anxiety". I feel numb and sick to my stomach! I can't enjoy anything anymore and it feels like it's only going to get worse!

    It's like I know I'm not losing my mind but it feels like I am, everything feels so far away all the time!

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    Re: Trapped feeling of Permanence?

    Good morning, can totally relate to this.
    While I am experiencing this right now myself, first of all try and hang on to the fact that this is temporary, it's a symptom of anxiety and it will pass.

    I have the feeling of freaking myself out every few minutes that I'm actually me and behind my eyes. Sometimes I look in the mirror and I don't believe that it's me and when I talk my voice sounds strange. I can also relate to the numbness and depression associated with it. It's a very unsettling and disturbing feeling when your own memories don't feel like your own too.

    I am due to start CBT soon to help with the obsessional thinking and intrusive thoughts that contribute to this. You're definitely not on your own, let me assure you of that. Hope that helps a bit and get well soon

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    Re: Trapped feeling of Permanence?

    Hi, Can relate to you both!
    These feelings really do suck!
    At the moment, I'm going through this phase of feeling like Im 2 people and when I speak, my voice sounds detached from me!
    Find it hard to be sociable and scared of talking on the phone because of this and also, when on the phone, I'm paranoid that I'm not going to make sense!

    The only consolation is that we re not on our own with this!

    I think with this condition, it's down to talking about it as much as poss with people and having plenty of patience to ride it through!

    I don't believe in taking pills so I just hope, fingers crossed that it will bugger off eventually!

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    Re: Trapped feeling of Permanence?

    I can relate. Currently I feel so bad about my anxiety and depressive state I feel like I have a mental block around it. It literally feels like there's a block in my head and that I have to think around it. I feel totally emotionally numb and when I try and get in contact with a feeling at all, all I feel is extreme panic. a kind of OMG THIS CANT BE HAPPENING FEELING. Its annoying because I'd like to feel something other than anxiety/ detached nothingness.

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    Re: Trapped feeling of Permanence?

    Hi Frosty,

    I don't know if this is similar but I've been in a near-constant state of existential terror for 4 months now. As I explained to the doctor this morning nothing feels right anymore, not my memories or the way I see the world (although I don't have delusions about it). I also cannot enjoy anything the way I used to, have a near constant feeling of intense wrongness, and a feeling like my thoughts are 'glitched'. I've felt heavily claustrophobic because of being trapped in this state. I feel completely hollow emotionally and believe this and the glitches thoughts are caused by dissociation, but sometimes I am able to force through normal emotion.

    I am also not psychotic and this is also severe anxiety I am told. Man, it's the worst.

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    By the way, a few years ago I was back in a similar state of existentialism, DPDR and dissacociation. It can (and does) go on for so long, but I recovered fully from that. I relapsed because my bodies capability for stress homeostasis is impaired and I was not diligent with the warning signs

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    Re: Trapped feeling of Permanence?

    Hi. I'm just wondering what caused everyone to have these feelings? Mine started after I started having severe panic attacks and I have never felt the same since

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    Re: Trapped feeling of Permanence?

    Hi Kirby,

    Yep. These episodes begin for me with what I call mind bending panic attacks and it feels like I lose a part of myself whenever I have one. These themselves are usually brought on by periods of depression and apathy

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    When did yours happen?

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