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Thread: Looking for a pen pal

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    Looking for a pen pal

    Hi, I'm looking for a pen pal to chat with via email, snail mail, etc. A few words about me: I'm 31 years old, live in the UK but originally from Poland. I've had anxiety/panic attacks for many years, at the moment I've got it under control, however I do get other anxiety sypmtoms which are new to me, so it would be nice to have sb to talk about this and help each other as well, or just talk in general about anything random.

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    Re: Looking for a pen pal

    Hi there I'm Danny 30 from The UK. I'm interested in being a pen pal

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    Re: Looking for a pen pal

    Hi, I'd be happy to be your penpal

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    Re: Looking for a pen pal


    Feel free to PM me if you wish

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