So I've had a sigmoidoscopy in the past, but for some reason my memory of it is spotty (even though I didn't have sedation lol, must have blanked it out!)

Yesterday I went for a sigmoidoscopy and though I was nervous I just figured it would help conclude what is going on with my system and whether there is inflammation still and whatnot (was having high inflammatory readings before when having severe flares)

However, after the sigmoidoscopy, which felt painful af (I could even feel the camera moving in my bowel, it was super crampy!) I felt like I needed to pass something and thinking it'd be gas I went to the toilet. But it turned out to be small amounts of blood and mucus or something? I was worried about this, but I do have hemmorhoids and so I guess it could happen if they've been agitated? Plus I'd had eight biopsies too. But since I asked and he said it was unlikely to cause bleeding it made me concerned. The thing that worried me a lot was the severe cramping I was having, couldn't walk without feeling in pain. I was worried it might be a tear or a hole but the doctor explained that if that was the case I would definitely be in MUCH more pain and my observations wouldn't be normal.

So after sleeping last night I feel a bit better, but I've had some loose stools and diarrhea, as well as still feeling slightly crampy and weird. Could this just be a flare up of my condition??

Are the loose stools usual after a sigmoidoscopy?
Is it common to have bleeding after a sigmoidoscopy (especially since the doctor took biopsies)
Were the severe cramps to be expected?

Hoping someone can ease my mind a little on this haha. I know that worrying excessively is not gonna help my symptoms too but I know I would worry even more if I was ignoring symptoms that I should be addressing