Iím just after some advice..

Iíve suffered with agoraphobia for the last 2 years, in that time Iíve left the house only a handful of times and itís always caused big anxiety, even though I can normally calm down whilst actually out, until the crash/drained feeling kicks in!
I currently live with my parents but me and my boyfriend have now rented a lovely house for us to move in to. The house is literally half a mile away (Iím sure you can even see the new house from my parents) but it might as well be on the moon.
When moving weekend came around it was stressful but I was coping (not great but atleast I could handle being there).
Since then itís just gone down hill! For the last three weeks since the move Iíve spent less and less time there and when I do go I panic and feel awful and only settle when Iím back at my parents house. Itís resulted in me staying back with my parents and occasionally trying to visit the house. Running away from it is obviously making it worse but I donít think I can handle staying in a panicky environment constantly.
I really donít know what to do for the best. Iím desperate to live there but it seems my silly anxiety has other ideas. Does anyone pleaseeeee have any tips or ideas on what I can do???