Hi all
I was working on my arcade mame project today for the first time in a while as my HA has been at it's best lately so I've been able to get stuff done around the house and find activities to keep me occupied. . I even was starting to get over my chest pains today and finally was starting to accept them for what they are, muscle pains as I was doing a lot of manual woodwork sawing and weight lifting yesterday. However, I had the biggest spike about two hours ago, I was emptying the dehumidifier in my bacement on my snack break which requires me to cary pots of water from one end of the room to the utility sink and dump and repete as I have the dehumidifier sitting on a desk and the bucket hose in a big plastic tub under the desk in the corner. . In the process I spilled some water and got the floor and my shoes wet, while checking if I didn't spill water on my work, I had the pot of water in my left hand and had touched banana plugs sticking out from under the controle panel of my plugged in arcade machine that would normally not give me a shock under normal conditions, which go to the encoder and felt a strongish tingle similar to what you get if you accidentally touched the prongs of an electrical appliance while pluging it in with 120v here in the americas. Should I be worried or am I going to be fine? Can anyone relate to this? How did this happen first of all and is there a chance that my heart was damaged by this event and how many volts did I receive/amps given the fact I was wearing shoes rubber velcro strap sandals that got soked and the basement floor and was also holding a metal container with water? what was the Path of least resistance? What to do?

I have never been zapped by anything down here inspite being somewhat damp exept for once being barefoot with a computer chassis while it was raining one night reaching back there to disconnect the darn thing only to be given a nasty surprise!
thanks for any help