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Thread: depression getting worse

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    depression getting worse

    i've always dealt with anxiety and depression, but in the last two months it's spiraled out of control. it's morphed into something new and it's terrifying.

    i don't know how to deal with these symptoms on top of everything else, and i'm scared every time i think about my future. i wish i could go back in time and stop whatever caused this.

    "what if things get worse in the following weeks?"

    "where will you be on your little brothers birthday?"

    "what about starting university?"

    i pray that this is all temporary and i'll be me again soon. sure, i'll have the anxiety and occasional depression, but at least i won't feel anything. i can't get rid of these thoughts. i'm trying to relax but it's hard. i don't want to do anything except sleep. i had to say this and get this off my chest.
    i'm a tired kid

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    Maybe is it just a melancholy spirit?Cause I also have some kind of mood, anxiety, nervous tremor....Just try to do smth unusual and new for yourself.I think it can help

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    Re: depression getting worse

    I'd like to share and help based on my experiences.
    I also always had some kind of anxiety, tension in me that broke up in panic disorder that lasted for 15 years. The last panic attack I had was about 2 years ago. Thank God I have overcome the panic.

    I understand how hard to face to the day in the morning, every day, and the future is not something that feels pleasant. I understand that. The truth is the more you fight against anxiety the more you empower your anxiety. The same was true for me. The harder I tried to fight against panic attacks the more powerful panic attacks I had. (oh God)

    The only way to get out from the panic, or anxiety is to face to whatever causes the negative feelings, etc. I had to face to my deepest fears to teach my mind that there's life beyond panic. And in fact the life is only beyond the panic. In other words you find peace and answers beyond your fear and questions.

    Take care

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    Re: depression getting worse

    dont think its worse, do something fun ( and healthy) to take your mind off you problems

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