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Thread: Does anyone take diazepam etc for anxiety

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    Does anyone take diazepam etc for anxiety

    Hi just wondering if anyone takes calming pills from the docs for the anxiety along with your antidepressants.

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    Re: Does anyone take diazepam etc for anxiety


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    Re: Does anyone take diazepam etc for anxiety

    I take diazepam when I have a panic attack,which lately is not that often,I used to take 2 daily and no problem with taking them with my antidepressants.

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    Re: Does anyone take diazepam etc for anxiety

    Thanks Lola i have always been on just antidepressants currently on setraline 50mg. Up until this wk i have really bed anxiety we’re i,m thinking the worst is going to happen i can actually see it happen and obviously it scares me. My fight or flight is or was constantly fired up. I didn’t no that you could take other meds with antidepressants. I,m 42 worrying for 32 yrs. At the docs on Monday to discuss about my meds. I did get venlafaxine from the docs but i have decided not go with them.

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