Hey All.

As you know No More Panic has a chat room and we are trying to think of ways which we can make it more appealing to members and to bring more members into there as we are a friendly bunch and love to make new friends.

A lot of us read to distract us and to take our minds off how we are feeling, on the basis of this one of our ideas is to run a book club, maybe once a month where we can use the chat room as a base for an online book club.

Another Idea would be to have ‘watch parties’ where we come together and watch a TV programme together…. This would work better with something like ‘The Circle’ ‘Great British Bake off, MasterChef etc anything where is something we can get our teeth into.

Is this something anyone would be interested in doing at all?

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what we could do in the chat room to bring new people in? any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

Many thanks
NMP Chat Moderator Team.