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Thread: CBD oil? Shall I try it?

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    Re: CBD oil? Shall I try it?

    The only thing I would say is if you are on SSRI drugs or anything where you cannot take grapefruit then have a word with your doc as there can be an issue with meds being metabolised.

    I dropped down to 25mg Sertraline and use CBD vape. I usually find 40mg will send me to sleep but about 15-20mg is not too bad. The ones I use are a 15% Sativa or 19% Indica depending on time if day. I find the stuff amazing, for anxiety it's like taking propranolol but having a little warm fuzzness and clear minded.
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    Re: CBD oil? Shall I try it?

    Quote Originally Posted by MyNameIsTerry View Post
    Very true. There is a lot of misinformation out there or used to be as it was developing. Hemp oil has been around legally forever, you find it with all the vinegars in a supermarket. There is no CBD in it, it's nothing to do with any of this but the lack of info obviously helped unscrupulous sellers from trying it on.

    Cannabis was grown to become stronger in THC, they are just doing it the other way with CBD. And like you say, CBD is naturally present as it is the counterbalance to the THC going too far. Now they have a use for it they are just cultivating the plants a different way to produce higher levels of CBD and reduced THC to keep it legal.

    Our CBD has reached the mainstream with TV ads from big supplier like Holland & Barrett. Not sure how they compare as they may be new and low % CBD so they need checking but it a positive if it can help us too. And with UK drugs companies performing research & testing into CBD drugs, including in your country, it gives us some hope we will benefit off the back end of it since anti epilepsy meds have found their way into anxiety prescribing.

    That's great about the testing. We have also just started having adverts for it. I have CBD oil for under the tongue and I also have vape pods for the JUUL which are derived from Cannabis in Colorado - tastes, smells of marijuana but 0% THC. Just the CBD. I know someone on the west coast where it's legalized in Washington and their vape is 1:1 CBD/THC. It's scheduled to be legalized in my state this year and scheduled to be legalized country wide POSSIBLY by end of 2019. In NY, they are no longer arresting or citing for public usage.

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    Re: CBD oil? Shall I try it?

    I tried CBD and THC. The CBD didn't work. I also tried Charlotte's Web, and vaped it from flower using an Arizer Solo. The same way I vape THC.

    Nadda. Did nothing. I had 15 grams of the stuff and consumed it all over a period of time. I didn't find it helped me at all. It had negligible effects on anxiety but could have been placebo.

    THC on the other hand helped me a lot. THC acts as fast as a benzo (I was legally prescribed these for 6 months). You have to dose very carefully with THC because it's easy to go over and end up having something called a "whitey". One puff on my vape is all I need to calm anxiety.

    But let me make it clear to all. THC isn't magic. It'll fix you up, but the moment you stop it'll drop you higher than you originally fell. Like any medication, it's a stop gap. But you'll get caught in the gap and won't be able to escape. Trust me on that. Not condoning it, but I'm also not saying one shouldn't try it either. Just saying it's a legal option in many parts of the world.
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    Re: CBD oil? Shall I try it?

    Hello, sam here.

    There is a lot of miss information about CBD in general, cannabidiol can be very helpful for people who suffers anxiety, stress and even pain. I've been using CBD for years and im still thankful for the day that i knew about it, so i will totally recommend it, THC can be good but is not for everybody

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    Re: CBD oil? Shall I try it?

    Is CBD good too for those who have hyperthyroidism and at the same time having anxiety? And is it already accepted worldwide? Thanks!

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