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Thread: Colonoscopy biopsies

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    Colonoscopy biopsies


    I've had CBT for health anxiety, finished it far better than I was before. Posted on here quite a bit at the start of 2018 but took a big long hiatus until now

    I promised myself 2018 would be the year where I got both CBT for health anxiety and all the tests I've been too scared to get over the years so I can say to myself "yes, you've checked, so you can't worry about it"

    My last one was today, a colonoscopy. Due to the sedation, I didn't understand the results properly and I can't seem to find any active IBD forums to ask this question so here I am...back again...don't intend on making it a habit

    They told me everything looks normal but they had to take biopsies no matter what, because my symptom was "chronic diarrhoea". They took it from the right and left side of my colon. I didn't realise they were going to take biopsies even if everything looked normal, is this really a thing? They'd have said if they saw any abnormal patches, right?

    "Colon looks normal up to TI" - I remember someone telling me what TI meant but I was out of it so I've forgotten. Anyone know what that means?

    Luckily due to the CBT, I know people live very full lives after being diagnosed with UC, Chrohns etc so I'm not scared if it comes back that I have microscopic ulcerative colitis or an intolerance of some sort.

    Am I right in believing a biopsy can't come back as cancer because there were no polyps? Or a very slim chance? Cancer of the colon develops from polyps, right? Just want to be certain so I can relax for my holiday and not have a nasty shock if they ring me a few weeks later

    and yes I realise I should NOT be posting at all but this is my last test and after this I am excited to have a clean bill of health so I can understand pretty much ALL my symptoms were/are anxiety. Funnily enough, since CBT a lot of the symptoms have gone, who would have guessed

    edit: you know what guys, this is stupid isn't it. Nobody can know what a biopsy will come back as, but I bet it'll be nothing. They told me results would be in 4-6 weeks ; if they were scared it was cancer, it would be less. (Still if anyone knows what "normal up to TI" means I'd be super grateful)

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    Okay, I've found out TI means terminal ileum.

    So they wrote "colon normal up to TI. Left and right colon Bx taken since Hx of chronic diarrhoea". Surely if they found abnormalities in the terminal ileum, they would have written them down?

    Did they only view my bowels up to the large intestine? they surely would have told me that as well?

    I wish they wrote results for dummies
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    Re: Colonoscopy biopsies

    Colonoscopies only go up to the TI so they can only see your rectum, colon and TI. Biopsies are normal- they always do them. If you have UC, Crohn's in the colon or colorectal cancer they would not have said your colon was clear. When I still had my colon there was evidence of Crohn's (lots of scar tissues and pseudopolyps) when I was in remission.
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    Re: Colonoscopy biopsies

    Thanks for your reply. This makes total sense. I'm an idiot! Health anxiety creeping back in, and I was doing so well! Sorry to hear that about your illness. Hope you're managing well. Best wishes!

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    Re: Colonoscopy biopsies

    Thanks. You are not an idiot at all. There is a big stigma with bowel issues so people don't generally openly talk about them. My Crohn's is in remission and my ileostomy has greatly improved my quality of life. I also have another GI disease (gastroparesis) that is causing a lot of issues but I'm going to have a surgery probably next week that will hopefully fix my issues.

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