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    Weiner Dog Problems rabies shot?

    Hello there today I will tell you my encounter with a wiener dog that left me scared. I was going to this party with my friend and we noticed the owner of the house had a wiener dog. Every time another guest came to the party the dog would always growl and bark at them for a straight five minutes. I also noticed that the wiener dog was sort of sitting on its hind legs weirdly unlike most dogs. My friend decided to "attempt" to feed the dog a meatball and the dog got the food and bit my friend's finger. I was also eating on a plate and sitting on a couch and the dog hopped up on me and left a red scratch mark with its claws. Should me and my friend be worried for rabies? I heard somewhere that wiener dogs were one of the most aggressive breeds of dogs but I can't get the thought of rabies out of my head considering how scary it sounds.

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    Re: Weiner Dog Problems rabies shot?

    I had dachshunds growing up. Sweet dogs but yes, they can be aggressive. Think about it... they're used to hunt badgers and we all know how aggressive they are. The miniatures are used to hunt rabbit.

    How you conjured up this rabies scenario is interesting to say the least but far beyond the realm of reality. The dog is a pet, is registered and would have been vaccinated. It's law in the US. Argue and seek more reassurance if you want but there are no 'yeah buts' or 'what ifs' about this. We're talking impossible here

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    Re: Weiner Dog Problems rabies shot?

    Ahh alright I'm not worried anymore but do wiener dogs sit in an awkward position due to their long spines?

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    Re: Weiner Dog Problems rabies shot?

    Sounds like a dog guarding it's territory to me. The owner should correct any bad behaviour. Some do it when on a lead out walking.

    For it to jump up as you describe it sounds like it was more relaxed with you at that point. Dogs claws can be sharp at times so the scratch won't be intentional.

    When you say it bit your friend do you mean it snatched at the meatball which caused it's teeth to scrape their skin rather than an intentional bite?

    As for sitting down, it's shape will mean it can't sit in the same way as other breeds. I'm not sure how you mean it was sitting but there could be even reasons such as it was a bit sore in one part or had cramp for all we know so it's hard to say.

    Dangerous breeds aren't dangerous if they are looked after as they should be. Bad behaviour in dogs is usually down to owners. Traits can be found in dogs but aggression is one dealt with when young if it is found and the stereotypes are often nonsense e.g. staffies are aggressive yet they are soft as a brush if brought up properly as opposed to bread for status and looking 'ard on the street or fighting.
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