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Thread: Dentist phobia

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    Dentist phobia

    I am absolutely terrified of the Dentist. Well, not the Dentist itself, but the most terrifying thing for me is the drill!

    A few years ago, I had dental work done, and the anasthetic wore off, and I felt this horrible cold vibration pain.

    I have been terrified of the drill ever since. I have a black tooth and I am gonna go for a check up soon, and I am scared they will say that I need a filling.

    I am sweating and nearly fainting thinking about it.

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    Re: Dentist phobia

    Have you read the website page I wrote about it?

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    Re: Dentist phobia

    What do you mean exactly by "black tooth"?

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    Re: Dentist phobia

    Quote Originally Posted by nomorepanic View Post
    Have you read the website page I wrote about it?
    No. I will find it and give it a read.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KK77 View Post
    What do you mean exactly by "black tooth"?
    The surface of my tooth is dark and its painful to eat chewy or sweet things with it and its really tender to cold things, like cold water.

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