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    Question SVT again.....

    First episode of SVT in 6 months! Iíd been out a very short jog then half way through a set of pull ups my heart did the usual flip flip flutter then BOOM...super fast heart rate! For the first time in years I tried to just stay calm, rationalise and try to get it back to normal sinus rhythm ASAP. So I realised I wasnít dizzy, wasnít actually breathless and no chest pain. After probably only 3 minutes or so I managed to get it to stop after splashing and splashing my face with cold water! Something Iíve never tried before! So maybe progress in the right direction for once!
    I was quite anxious after the episode and wanted to be safe so went to A&E. Hooked up to a monitor had an ECG done all fine! No doctor seems to worry!!
    Any sufferers with similar experiences?

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    Re: SVT again.....

    I get episodes of SVT along with 3 other arrythmia's... They can at times be anxiety provoking :(

    There are a couple different things you can do to try to get back into sinus rhythm on your on, splashing cold water on your face is one of them.. Bearing down like your gonna have a bowel movement is another. Pretty much anything that stimulates the Vagus nerve. Sometimes the tricks work and sometimes they don't, I do find they work far more often then they dont.
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