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Thread: daughter very sick with bug help!

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    daughter very sick with bug help!

    Hi I feel an awful mum here at the moment my 8 year old daughter woke suddenly at 4 am today and has vomited every 20 mins without fail and now the other end has started up. its been on sheets underwear etc ive put things straight into boil wash and washed my hands religiously and anti bac after each time. I have severe emetaphobia my husband left for work at 6 so its been up to me I'm driving myself mad worrying I will catch it or her older sister etc we are due to go to Disney on Saturday and I don't want anyone else to be sick any ideas to help me calm down and keep it at bay??? At the moment she is isolated in the living room asleep I'm locked away in kitchen! I have the advantage of downstairs loo so keeping that hers until she is well. Do I go mad bleaching every 20 mins that she is in there or keep it off use for anyone else and give it a good cleaning this evening when hopefully she feeling better? I'm at my wits end with worry and don't want to lose all money for the Disney trip if we have to cancel

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    Re: daughter very sick with bug help!

    I'm really sorry no body replied to this, I've just seen it now :(
    It's now Sunday so I'm wondering how things progressed and if you made it to disney?

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