Here's a few thoughts/tips whatever I thought i'd share that might help you.

I'm by no means entirely "better". I'd like to hop on a plane and play golf in Dubai but hey.. focus on what we CAN do right?

My psychologist likens it to "feeding a monster" each time you don't at least try and do whatever thing you want to do, even if it's just stepping outside your front door for a few minutes.

Start small, walk to the end of your street (fiddling with your phone and pretend you got a call and have to turn around if you're worried about people thinking you look odd suddenly turning around).

It really doesn't matter how far away you go as long as you trigger the anxiety symptoms a little and when they start. Stay where you are for a few minutes if you can at least. Try and stay until you're almost bored of them or realise you they can't harm you.

Gradually (and i do mean slowly) increase how far away you go (or more "difficult" situations if thats more of the problem) and little by little it will improve.

I went from laying down watching tv most of the day and getting nervous going up to take a shower 2 years ago to being about to drive into town and get some stuff from a department store. Ok i seem to be a little stuck at around 20-25 miles from home but at least i have a decent quality of life back.

Also one other thing is don't expect it to be the same day by day. Progress is a bit of a roller coaster. Many factors depend on how anxious you get day by day, sleep, work, worries, how hungry you are but most of all your thoughts. "Just do it - Nike" when you decide to go out. The longer you spend deciding whether to or not the harder you're making it for yourself.

There are an array of tools your can practice at home while you're calm too. Mindfulness mind seem a bit airy-fairy at first but give a a few weeks (a few minutes every day or two is all you need) but it truly it amazing when you start to get it. Distraction (smart phones are great). Breathing exercises (personally i never found these useful and also you can do a mini whole body workout (progressive muscle relaxation?) which you can subtley do and i DO find that one useful.

Next goal for me is to get to the coast again. Beach and Casino. Yay.. made it to 4 miles away. Uncomfortable but doable. I wouldn't recommend pushing beyond high anxiety personally. If you make your journeys back into the world too terrifying you'll put yourself off doing it again. Slow and steady etc..

One final thing. Try and make it something you REALLY want to do when that becomes practical. Driving/walking up and down the same bit of road just to stretch your boundries is great but it's nice if you can make a reward at the end of it. Recently I was bored with cold sandwiches for lunch so i thought "screw it" and drove to get a kfc (around 20mins round trip in lunch time traffic). I was fine. A little shakey... usual symptoms popped up to stop me but i wanted a KFC and i was having one!

I hope somebody finds some of this useful.