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Thread: Another ALS post...

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    Another ALS post...

    Bit of a strange one this.

    It feels like Iíve seen more and more ALS/MND cases in the news recently, in people of a range of ages including 30-ish

    Iím currently 25 and not worried about currently having ALS, but I am freaking out about the possibility of developing it. I know itís not a way to live your life worring about what might happen, but obviously not rational to the way you think sometimes with HA.

    My HA convinced myself that I will develop a serious illness while young, and as I have a bad habit of chewing plastic (just about anything - pens, plastic spoon ends etc) I am convinced Iíve f*cked myself up with chemicals etc. Sounds so stupid but hard to get out of the mindset

    My muscles feel weak at times (mostly left arm) and I do get body twitches, but trying to put my mind that itís down to anxiety - always trying to keep in kind ďitís about failing not feelingĒ

    Can anyone else relate?

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    Re: Another ALS post...

    I’m currently deep in the ALS rabbit hole. But since you’re having such minimal symptoms I feel comfortable reminding you what a rare disease it is, especially as young as you are! I wish I could talk so reasonably to myself, lol!

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