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Thread: Stomach worries

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    Re: Stomach worries

    Quote Originally Posted by superworried View Post
    Hi Mouse, thanks for replying. I hope you're well! The life stuff has been ok, actually. The loss of his dad was really tough for a long time, but it's been slightly easier over the last few months. We bought a house (and a cat!) in early March so that was new and exciting, so nothing has been stressing me/us out too much. I've been keeping a pain diary and for the most part in April my stomach wasn't bothering me much at all. So when my symptoms started to get worse again it's really thrown me for a loop - especially since the ranitidine doesn't seem to be helping much now. Terrified it's gastric cancer and it's too late :(
    Well congratulations on the house and the cat! That sounds wonderful and Iím very glad that your partner has been doing a little better recently, itís completely understandable that these things take time.

    Do you keep notice of the foods you eat in your pain diary? I did one with foods, a short line of how I was feeling and major thoughts and any bathroom stuff that seemed relevant which helped me find some patterns but it honestly changes on a dime all too often to truly predict.

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    Re: Stomach worries

    I have been keeping a food diary since I started getting stomach ache last year. I've had two bad periods of stomach ache after eating tacos (one being my current bout) so will no longer be eating them. I also had a bad few days after eating a burrito, so I'm guessing Mexican food is now out, which I love. Bathroom wise, I've been fine for a while.

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    Re: Stomach worries

    Have you gotten any resolution to you issue? Dealing with something similar

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    Re: Stomach worries

    Hi superworried, thankyou for sharing. I can totally relate to the symptoms your have been experiencing. I have had pains in the abdomen on/off for the last two weeks. Additionally to those I have lower/middle back pain which sends my HA off the rails as I assume kidneys problems. Still trying to calm myself down but its hard to distinguish what symptoms are from the HA and what are not?

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