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Thread: Mammogram

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    Good evening.
    I just got a callback from my primary care provider that I have to go back for more scans on both breasts on Wednesday. This is my first routine mammogram. I literally cannot stop crying. I have health anxiety so terrible that Iím literally sitting in my office chair frozen with fear. I donít know how to get through this.

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    Re: Mammogram

    OKkkkkkkayyyy, breathe.......

    Did they say WHY you needed to go back for more scanning? Could it be that the images weren't good enough or clear? I know in the UK we often get some call-backs as the images aren't good enough.

    Was it ultrasound images that they wanted to do next time, or another mammo?

    Routine mammograms are a good thing, as they pick up anything early that is suspect (breast cancer treated in early stages has such a good effective treatment outcome nowadays), as of course you know. However, not everything that they pick up IS breast cancer. Sometimes radiographers/consultants are not sure about something, and to be entirely certain and rule it out they also want to do ultrasounds.

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    Re: Mammogram

    I am so so sorry you are going through this. More than likely (especially because it is both breasts, but even if it was just one it shouldn't be a big deal), it is just to get more imaging. If this is your first mammogram you are likely be called back to get more images for the baseline. You probably have very dense breasts (as we do when we are younger) and it is super hard for them to get good, accurate images. This is one of the reasons the U.S. has pushed back the standard mammogram schedule to reflect more European guidelines for mid-late 40's or 50 rather than earlier. I am sure all is ok and again, it is just because it is your first one and they would like better images to base later ones off of.

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    Re: Mammogram

    Ah are Mammograms done much earlier in the US then ? Here our current age is 50 (unless a referral) and is moving down to 47 years old. If that is the case, as the previous poster suggests and you may be much younger....then yes she is quite correct.....mammograms don't give great base-line images for younger women with dense breast tissue and ultrasound would be the scanning of choice.

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    Re: Mammogram

    My friend just had her first mammogram as she has just turned 38. Her gyno told her not to be surprised is she gets a call back because they don’t have a baseline mammo to go by. So if you have especially dense tissue, they often have to get more images. They ended up calling her back and she had to go in for more, clearer images. She was fine.

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    Re: Mammogram


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    Re: Mammogram

    They do seem earlier. Our health system had my wife come in at 40.

    She also got a call back from her first one, simply because of no baseline. Seriously, while I don't have mammograms, this is ridiculously commonplace, especially the first time around.

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    Re: Mammogram

    It is my 6th one. I started at age 40. Only known family history is paternal Aunt. 40 is standard start age here. My other have been normal BUT I just moved to Pennsylvania from New York. All my scan results are in New York and they said it can take up to 60 days to get them. Not sure what makes Breast tissue ďdenseĒ but Iím not overweight. 5í3Ē and 140 pounds.
    I googled....I know we shouldnít....and see that call backs are common but Iím so so scared. I want to think because they want more images of both breasts that itís becaise they want to establish a baseline but I canít get terrible thoughts out of my head. They didnít call back for more results on my first one back in NY. I cry through each mammogram because Iím so scared of bad results. I canít even imagine how I will behave Wednesday. Iíll have to take a Xanax.
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    Re: Mammogram

    I had a recall two months ago after a mammogram and called them to ask why so I knew what to expect so why don't you do that?

    I had to have 5 core biopsies done but all was fine.

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    Re: Mammogram

    I did ask why. However, it was the nurse and not the doctor. She said they likely need to see through dense tissue as they donít have prior mammogram from NY where I used to live. Said it can take 60 days to receive them. My HOPe is that is all it is and to establish a new baseline with a new doctor/facility/healthcare system. She assured me itís fairly routine on a first mammogram but my mind canít think like that. Iíve been sick all night. I have to wait until Wednesday morning to know more but itís terrifying for me. I keep thinking about my kids. I wish to God I didnít worry and Iíve tried over the years to ny worry about things but I just canít.

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