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Thread: Coping with the daily struggle

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    Coping with the daily struggle

    Hello everyone

    Like, i'm sure, many of you, one of my main "go-to" depression thoughts is that every day is a struggle, that I just get up, fight my way through feeling rubbish, spend all day sat in an office, come home, rinse and repeat etc.

    What tricks or techniques do any of you have to help with those mornings when you feel low and the mind just wants to dwell in those depressed, hopeless, "what is the point in doing this every day" places?

    (obviously asking for a friend...totally not feeling like that this morning or anything. No indeed.)

    Personally, I try to think about having at least a couple of "positive" (i.e. better than the nothing I would have if I were dead!) things each day. i try to consciously notice them - even if it is just managing to go to the gym to help my body be healthier, or a positive interaction with a colleague. Then I think of each day like a bead on a necklace. And the colour, shape, beauty of that bead is something I make by my actions during the day (note that it is my ACTIONS that matter - it is irrelevant how I might be feeling inside - those thoughts and sensations are so transient and meaningless - but my actions do have meaning). And once the day is over, you push that bead down the chain, and set about making a new one. At the end of your life, there will be this thing you have created, with thousands of beads on it (apparently the average person lives about 27,000 days in total - so it is not actually that many!). Your life is therefore a creative act. Even on the darkest days, when the bead may be close to black, there are still opportunities to add a hint of a sparkle, or a fleck of gold.

    Anyway - anyone else have any nice tips or tricks to help?

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    Re: Coping with the daily struggle

    Picking up a hobby is something I feel boosts my self esteem. The enemy for me is bordem so I try to avoid that at all cost.

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    Re: Coping with the daily struggle

    What a beautiful way to handle daily motivation. I'm going to try this bead making magic.


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    Re: Coping with the daily struggle

    This is fantastic.

    I've also tried to handle days of suffering with a similar outlook. Sure, today I may not FEEL great about what I'm doing, or anything. But as you said, my actoions have meaning. I can help others, get tasks done, even simple ones. (A clean house.) I can affect others in a positive way. There are spiritual things to strive for every day.

    The other thing is... when the pendulum swings back and we do feel good - we've got all of these things to look back on and say... we didn't waste that time period. My worst anxiety was when my daugther was very young, but I never let it stop me doing thigns with her.
    I'll alwyas have fond memories of what we did together, even though I felt bad a lot of the time.

    Hang in there, keep moving forward and have faith. We all improve in time.

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    Re: Coping with the daily struggle

    Thanks guys - and agree. My son is 7 and one of my main motivators is to try and make sure I am there for him as much as possible, regardless of how I feel. This time when they are young is precious, and I don't want to waste it

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    Re: Coping with the daily struggle

    That's a beautiful sentiment. Funnily enough, using beads to make jewellery and other items is actually one of my happy places (the other is pottering in the kitchen).

    Life is really tough sometimes, but sooner or later, something always comes along to make it all worth it.

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    Re: Coping with the daily struggle

    When you have chronic depression, some days are hard and some are harder. With all the therapies and medications prescribed to you, always remember one thing - whatever be the case always, get up, dress up, and show up. This singular piece of advice has worked wonders for me. Showing up means that you have won 50% of the battle. The rest 50% will come with continued therapy and healthy coping mechanisms. Sharing a few go-to tips that have worked for me:

    1. Take out 10 minutes from your daily schedule and perform guided meditation.

    2. 3-4 days per week indulge in activities that make you sweat and your heart pump.

    3. Volunteer - it really fulls you a with a sense of purpose and satisfaction

    4. Make your bedroom a place to de-stress and unplug from the world

    5. Get away from the biggest toxin of your life - social media

    6. Get creative and indulge in your favorite hobby - for me reading my cherished childhood books by Enid Blyton always works!

    Would love to hear from all of you how to deal with everyday pressure of anxiety and depression.

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    Re: Coping with the daily struggle

    Love the comment about toxic social media..So true!!

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    Music, social media and epecially crazy doings of pet videos, playing with my pup are the basic things which refresh my day from struggles!

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