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Thread: Mirtazapine to Venlafaxine - Your Experiences...?

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    Mirtazapine to Venlafaxine - Your Experiences...?

    Hi all, just a quick question really...

    I am so sick of Mirtazapine and have an appointment with my GP this week coming...

    I am looking to switch and wondered if anyone had switched from Mirt to Ven and if so, what was it like...?

    I also posting in the Sert and Mirt threads... because I am also considering Sert as the replacement therapy...

    Look forward to hearing from you...

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    Re: Mirtazapine to Venlafaxine - Your Experiences...?

    Iíve head venlafaxine can be a tough ride start ups and get offs. It also has the highest rate of suicides associated to starting which scares me. If your looking for a decent antidepressant that will work I would go for RIMA called moclobemide... have a search and see! The problem is you need a psych or doc who will prescribe it.

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    Re: Mirtazapine to Venlafaxine - Your Experiences...?

    So, I did it...

    Day 6, of what has been an uncomfortable but not unmanageable switch from Mirt to Ven.

    The first four days were nauseous filled, with heightened anxiety at times. But I rode it out, and Day 5 was a complete turnaround.

    What I have noticed is, I am no longer hungry all the time. My Mirtazabelly has gone, the water weight has been lost, I have already lost 1.5 kilos. And my energy levels are back to normal. No more walking through treacle to get through a day.

    Sleep, now, there's an issue. Broken unsatisfying sleep for the last week. I do miss my Mirt sleep. But you can't have everything.

    Thus far, I am glad I have done it. I increase my does tomorrow up to 75 XR p/day.

    Here's to happier times.

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