I am a 22 year old student and have been suffering with anxiety and OCD like tendencies for about 4/5 years now and finally decided to get help recently. I reached out to my University services but had a few worries regarding this. I was asked whether I want to have a one-off session with university services or to be sent to the NHS so I can have more than one session. I want to take the NHS route after attending the one off appointment however I am a little worried as my mum always told me she doesn't want me to go to therapy as she believes it may go on my record and may make it more difficult for me in the future in terms of career as she believes employers may see my information and count me out and I am worried about this as I want to go into quite a competitive field (Finance/Investment banking) and this would seriously disadvantage me. If anyone has any information regarding these treatments and going to the NHS and how much of this information employers can access it would be greatly appreciated.