I'm really struggling to get out my flat at the moment, 3 weeks back I could go shopping and do most things, even with bad anxiety, dizziness, depersonalisation. That all changed when I was at a self service checkout and the machine refused my money silly I know, but I had a strong feeling of dizziness come over me and my vision was very blurry and I felt like I was going to pass out, I got out the shop and felt much better and thought nothing of it till I went in a shopping centre and started to feel like I was falling whilst standing still, then in Mcdonalds on the same day I had extreme dizziness and feeling of passing out. Since that point I have really struggled to go out and my anxiety is extremely high even at home, my question is what treatments are everyone doing?

I'm reading through the cbt4panic course only started today, and I have done some guided hypnotherapy videos from youtube mainly focused on anxiety and panic attacks.

Whats stopping me at the moment is my anxiety is on high alert before I even step out the door, once outside I get very physical symptoms and in shops I get panic attacks.

please any help advice, guidance would be great appreciated.

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Just to add, I realise the symptoms are caused by adrenaline and I have never passed out or fallen over, but the whole experience of the attacks are so scary.