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    Cbd oil anyone still taking it


    Iím interested in buying some as Iíve read it works well for some people for anxiety

    Gp as given me go ahead

    What brand do you take
    What %
    How long before you noticed a difference in anxiety, if any
    How long have you been on it

    Only thing putting me of is the fowl taste people talk about, very sensitive stomach.

    Would cream have the same effect as the oil

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    Re: Cbd oil anyone still taking it

    Hmm, mind if I piggyback onto your thread and watch the responses too?

    I just got some CBD oil from Charlotte's Web as I have read that some people with my migraine/balance condition have reported it helped them, or at a minimum reduced their anxiety (which, relevant to this forum). I took just half a dropper (dose recommends two full droppers) last night for the first time as kind of a test run. It tasted awful and smelled awful. I rationalized that things that are good for you usually do taste bad! After the initial disgust/taste for the first ten minutes or so wore off I did feel kind of relaxed but I was tired and it was late so that probably would have happened anyway. Definitely interested in hearing anyone's experience too!

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